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We are having a friendly grower test some lights for us, in this case the Phlizon 1200w LED system. Actually, it pulls just over 300w and is said to replace an 800w unit. First glance and some basic testing shows it lives up to the 800w claim. Looking at the spectrum, I expected it to be more purplish but it seems to have an output that is more white than the other LEDs we've tested. Overall, very good first impression for this new LED system. Will update as time progresses.

First look

Build quality is very good. There is a definite difference when you choose "Bloom" versus "Veg" with the switches. You can also choose both for even higher output. The output is strong using either setting. I have this in a friends grow tent along with a good quality LED system from a different manufacturer and the plants try to grow towards the Phlizon rather than the other light, which tells me the plants see it as the better light. It does put off some heat, but not extraordinarily so and the 3 cooling fans seem to work fine for keeping it cool. After a couple of weeks, all is fine, all the LEDs work, no problems. This is being tested with an autoflowering plant, and was introduced about a month into the grow, so the review won't be as complete as it could be. We will check back later.


Very impressed so far. Our tester is using two different LEDs in the same long tent, and the plants under the other LED are leaning towards the Philizon without a doubt. I can only guess that means the spectrum is better for plants and they see it as more "real" than the generic LED. Plants are very healthy and growing rapidly. Since it isn't a side by side using HPS or MH, it's hard to compare to that, but I'm told (and the pictures I've seen confirm) that the plant likes them as much as it would the metal halide. That is a good thing, particularly since it uses half the electricity and generates about 75% less heat, making it easier to control the temperature in a medium sized tent. No unexpected surprises so far.

One thing I did notice is they plant under the Philizon drew noticeably larger: about 6 inches taller, fuller, thicker and just healthier. This isn't empirical evidence but it is a promising sign. The other plant looks fine, just not as nice as the Philizon plant.


Still impressed. We are mixing this Philizon light with just ONE Flower Power F40T12 bulb and two weeks into flowering, we already have lots of pretty little flowers and the trichomes are already forming. I have some photos that I will add later, but suffice it to say that the plant under this LED is doing better than the one under a different, older LED system. Temperatures have been easy to maintain as well, and the difference between night and day temps isn't so extreme 77F days, 57F nights on average. (Virginia fall weather, tent in insulated garage).

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