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SunHorse diagramSunHorse diagram
The best diagram is to just show you what is on the label, which is actually two different diagrams. The SunHorse can be wired in one of two different modes, depending upon the lamps you are using, either 100 watt or 200 watt. Note how the diagram shows that the two pins on each end are jumped together. If you use the internally shunted lamp holders that we sell, then this is already done inside the lamp holder itself, so inserting one wire will automatically send the power to both pins equally.

Wire colors:
For 120V ballast, the white wire is always a neutral, the black is always 120v (hot), the ground is always made at the casing. For 230V ballasts, the white and black are always hot (230V, +/- 10%), ground is always made at the casing. The red wires are always live feed, the yellow wires are always return wires.

VHO mode (Very High Output @ 200 watts each)
The upper diagram is for VHO mode (200 watts). You use two red wires per lamp and one yellow wire per lamp. The SunHorse will power two lamps in this configuration.

HO mode (High Output @ 100 watts each)
The lower diagram is for HO mode (100 watts). You use one red wires per lamp and one yellow wire per lamp. The ballast has a total of two yellow wires, so you will need to use two jumper wires to "daisy chain" a line to the next lamp holder, one each from the lamp holders that you plugged the yellow wire into. The SunHorse will power four lamps in this configuration.

This ballast can be used in the following configurations:

Powering four of these HO lamps (FR=F for this chart)
F96T12, F96T8, F71T12, F71T8 (same for F72, F73, F74), F59T12, F60T12

Powering two of these VHO lamps (FR=F for this chart)
F71T12, F71T8, (same for F72, F73, F74), F59T12, F60T12

May work in other configurations but not guaranteed.

Solacure Means Quality

Solacure ultraviolet lamps aren't just good, we guarantee they are the best or your money back. We don't use stock parts anywhere in our products. Our glass is a special blend, and more transparent to UVA and UVB. Our 32 watt lamps use 60 watt rated cathodes and are tested at almost 70 watts of power. Almost all our lamps have built in reflectors. All are designed to be overdriven to extra high wattages. We test, and test, and test our lamps.

We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee each will perform exactly to specification, or we will replace them. We don't want your business this week, we want it every week, and we are willing to earn it. There really is a difference in quality when it comes to ultraviolet bulbs, and Solacure tops the list.

Buy with confidence: We like what we do, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.
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