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CannabisNo company has more experience, more happy customers, or a better bulb. Guaranteed or your money back.
Just so you know, we've been in business since 1985, we aren't a "start up", we are ultraviolet experts that have shipped a couple million lamps to the US and Canada over the years. We have helped growers specifically for a decade and no one has more experience doing so. This is why we guarantee results, we publish real results and testimony. All UV lamps are not made the same.

How did a highly experienced professional grower go from 23% to 29%?. He used Flower Power lamps. This is from the same grow room, using clones, and standard metal halide bulbs. The tests were performed by SC Labs, an industry leader in marijuana/cannabis testing. Our customer chose the lab and paid for the testing, not us, so the results are 100% independent of us. The left image is the 23% THC, the right is 29%. You can see how it is more compact, more potent. Looking up close, you can see it is much more coated when using Flower Power than without. You can click on the image for a larger version of that image in a different window.

Without Flower Power 23% With Flower Power 29% THC

We guarantee you great results. Our lamps are up to 20x stronger than reptile and similar UVB lamps. We have worked with universities, experts and growers nationwide to produce solutions for increasing flavonoids and resins in a variety of plants, from tomatoes, peppers, ornamental plants, and of course, for cannabis. There are a lot of UVB lamps out there, but none are as strong nor as finely tuned as Flower Power, the first and only UVB lamps designed specifically for your needs. Keep in mind, this isn't the most impressive case we have on file, just the one with the best pictures. We understand that seeing is believing. This is a 26% increase, we have many cases that are 30%, 33% and higher. No one gets less than 20% their first time with our lamps. The above example is a "first effort" using only a couple hours per day: they still haven't maximized the potential.

Total cannabinoid production went from 231.1 mg/g to 291.1 mg/g.

Growing in rooms

You want to use the Flower Power lamp. This is a 4th generation lamp, and 12 years in the making. It is based on the SG-1 series of lamps and uses the same patented glass for higher UVB transmission, but it is supercharged in the UVB output, reaching down below 290nm, something the sun does but regular UV lamps can't. This is the most powerful portion of the UVB spectrum, making these extremely effective. We already have THC content tests proving Flower Power maximizes THC content. It is like having growing 12 plants, and getting 3 or 4 free plants at harvest time. By replacing and enhancing the UV that the plant doesn't get when growing indoors, you WILL boost THC. All tests have shown CBD to remain the same or increase a very small, insignificant amount.

The Flower Power is the same size as the SG-1-40: 4 foot long, 1.5" in diameter, and can be used in any 4 foot long, 32 watt (or 40 watt) single bulb fixture. You need two of these lamps for every 1000w hood you have. We are still testing maximum times, but many are running the lamps for 4 hours per day, in 1 to 2 hour bursts, during flowering. Likely, they can be run more hours than this, but it depends on your particular hybrid. This beefs up trichome production and THC in the most significant way it can be done. We have never had a lab result show less than 15% on the first trial, or show less than 20% on the second trial. We have had customers report well over 30% increases in THC production. The science is in, there is no question it works, and it works with whatever else you are doing.

Another advantage of the Flower Power lamps is the ultra high frequency UVB is good for suppressing mold and mildew. This has been proven by many dozens of growers. It also discourages insects because of both the high UVB and the very high UVA. Flower Power makes it much easier to produce high quality product.

Growing in tents

Flower Power lamps can used in close quarters, but they should be used at F32 mode, and carefully since you are going to be so close to the plants. It isn't any different than growing in large rooms, except you will probably be running fewer hours due to the distance typically being shorter. You can also use our Super B lamps, which are also a 34% lamp but with a very different spectrum and about 70% of the burning potential. They cost less and are a 1" diameter lamp. They last for two full flowering cycles, using them for 4 to 10 hours a day.

The image below was taken by Walter P. Haze, after his first time working with the Flower Power in a small tent, growing a few different strains. I would say the results speak for themselves.

Walter started his plants at 4 hours per day, then worked up to a schedule of 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening for a total of 6 hours. There is some logic to running this way, giving the plants some rest time between exposures.


The only solution for greenhouses is the Flower Power lamp. They can be run at any height in the greenhouse, but at least 24". The farther they are from your garden, the weaker the UV, so the longer you must run them per day, up to 12 hours. They function as a broadcast light in this respect, and it holds true for tomatoes, peppers, cannabis, or whatever you grow. Many people don't realize that the glass and plastics used in greenhouses actually block all the UVB and most of the UVA. Using the Flower Power puts it back restoring the natural balance in the plant, making it create more flavonoids, turpines and/or THC in a natural way.

You can use the other lamps, by the way, but it is much more cost effective to use the Flower Power and standard "shop light" fixtures, minimum two lamps per 10' x 10'. Used like this and seldom switching, you should get around 1000 hours of use. This isn't maximum UVB, but it is a good supplement. Maximum would be close to 4 lamps in individual light fixtures, around 3 to 4 feet away from the plants, run 6 to 12 hours per day.

Do any light makers use your lamps in their fixtures?

Inda-gro is currently offering their UV-pontoon. This is a large LED fixture that utilizes two of the Flower Power FR40T12 UV grow lights on the sides of the fixture. Any F32 or F40 lamp will work in the fixture. It offers separate control of the lighting with a variety of timing methods, so it is a big step up in control for your UV lighting needs. We are working with several other OEM builders at this time, so expect to see our lamps available as stock equipment for a variety of lighting fixtures in the future. The UV-Pontoon is shown below:

Inda-gro UV Pontoon fixture

Why don't you make T5 lamps, the really skinny 4 foot lamps? (F54T5)

They don't work to our standards. We've prototyped them using two different engineering teams and built them at two different factories: they simply don't measure up due to the limits of the lamp size. This doesn't mean we never will, but our current lamps are 20 to 50 times stronger than the prototypes. It is a matter of physics, not effort or experience. The skinny lamps are fine for general lighting but creating UVB requires much higher energy levels and surface area on the lamp. In short, T12s glass works much, much better, so that is what we will use. Quality, power, spectrum and results is what we are focused on. We aren't so focused on how pretty the lamp is.

Super B

The Super B is our newest lamp. It uses Open Glass and a phosphor design modeled after the Flower Power. They both have 34% but the Flower Power transmits 100% of the UVB spectrum, while the Super B doesn't. It still covers 50% more than other UVB lamps, and is still 5 to 10 times stronger than other lamps. It is a T8 (1" diameter) compared to the Flower Power T12 (1.5"). It lasts two flowering cycles versus the Flower Power lasting three. It was designed to be an exceptional lamp at a lower price point, and is a great lamp to start with, or stay with if you run in close quarters. The effective "burn" potential is around 70% of the Flower Power, which is still a lot of power. Both run on F32 fixtures/ballasts just fine, but the Flower Power can be run as high as 100w and the Super B can be run as high as 60w, so they are both very flexible. Most commercial growers are going to use the Flower Power, unquestionably, but the Super B is the affordable alternative that still delivers high levels of UVA and UVB, and gets great results. Conveniently, they both use the exact same fixture.

Final note

Flower Power bulbs are designed to run at 21 watts, or up to 100 watts. You decide based on your needs. Nothing has a better spectrum. Nothing has a fraction of the output from 280nm-300nm, the most critical area for triggering the UVR8 protein. Nothing can touch them for total power (not even close), plus they last at least twice as long as a standard lamp. They are the world's first dedicated horticulture bulb, a 4th generation design that had cannabis cultivation first and foremost in mind when we engineered it.

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Solacure Means Quality

Solacure ultraviolet lamps aren't just good, we guarantee they are the best. We don't use stock parts anywhere in our products. Our glass is a special blend, and more transparent to UVA and UVB. Our 32 watt lamps use 60 watt rated cathodes and are tested at almost 70 watts of power. Almost all our lamps have built in reflectors. All are designed to be overdriven to extra high wattages. We test, and test, and test our lamps.

We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee each will perform exactly to specification, or we will replace them. We don't want your business this week, we want it every week, and we are willing to earn it. There really is a difference in quality when it comes to ultraviolet bulbs, and Solacure tops the list.

Buy with confidence: We like what we do, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.
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